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Automated Watering System

Developed in our aviary for over 5 years the M&M watering system addresses the common issues of trying to automate indoor cages for canaries and finches.

The main programmer can be set to turn on as many times during the day as you like and it is preset to run for 30 seconds. We run our system 2 times per day at 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

The main valve supplies water to one bank of cages, it also has a port that can be plumbed to supply water to more cage banks via secondary valves. The entire system can supply up to 50 cages. Each cage banks need either the main or a secondary valve.

The EZ-Drinker is the part that attaches to the cage. It has a disposable plastic cup inside a stainless steel cup. The drinker works by flushing out and filling the plastic cup each time it runs. The waste water is flushed into the stainless cup and out a drain.

As I'm sure you can tell this is not an "off the shelf" item and will require a bit of pre-engineering. No Problem, Feel free to contact me at and we will design  the perfect system for you.