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If you are looking for a way to cut LOTS of time from your daily bird chores this feeder is the biggest bang for your buck!

Designed to make the breeder's job a lot easier and the bird's environment a lot cleaner it attaches to the outside of the cage and allows cups with daily soft/cooked food to be changed in seconds via a spring loaded door.

The cups are inexpensive and easy to clean allowing the breeder to make many cups of food in advance. Lids are available so that pre-made food may be refrigerated or frozen.

Perfect for live food as the slippery side will not allow food to crawl out.

The EZ Feeder will attach to any size cage and is easy to set up. Instructions are included or you can watch the installation video on our web site.

Comes with 5 cups and 5 lids to get you started. Larger quantities of cups and lids can be purchased in our store.

The EZ Feeder is designed to let spilled food fall to the floor and swept up at a later time rather than falling into the cage to spoil and mold. However, there is also a version that has a catch tray under the feeder